Your name will not appear on our site without your prior consent.

We have several members who are not “out” about their childfree status to everyone (at work, for example). Claiming a ticket is simply a way for the host(s) to know who is planning to attend and to share relevant info with attendees. This is not an “eVite”-type system where members can see “who’s attending” or who signed up. If you have privacy concerns about using your real name for your account handle, feel free to use a nickname or a different spelling.

Organizers have to log in to see who all has claimed tickets for events. Members get confirmations by email when they claim a ticket and when it’s processed by the host.


Some members take photos at some of our larger events. If you do not want your image and/or your name placed on the site, simply say so. We’re a pretty easy-going bunch. No one will give you grief. (Though they might gently argue that you look too cute to avoid a group photo!)


A valid/working email address is required to claim tickets for events and receive confirmations. Your privacy is protected by our website volunteers. We will never share your email address without your consent.