Welcome to Austin No Kidding! (ANK!), the social group for adult couples and singles who do not have children. If you are not a parent, and would like to socialize with other adults who are also childfree, please join us. We sponsor several activities a month and a variety of special events. There are no membership dues or fees; we are all volunteers. In ANK!, we have fun, make friends, and create a community for Austin-area adults who are childfree.

We are the Austin chapter of No Kidding!, “the international social club for childfree couples and singles.” It is that simple. Our members, for whatever reason, are not parents.

In ANK!, we recognize that it can be difficult for adults who are not parents to find friendship with others who are similarly childfree[1]. Our many events celebrate the freedom and spontaneity of being an adult without children.

We are all about fun at ANK!. We offer both monthly and annual events, and we are always ready for new ideas.

If socializing with other childfree adults is for you, join us! To become an ANK! member, simply join us on Meetup.. It’s that easy!

[1] Most of our members have chosen not to have children. Thus we are not empty nesters, nor are we divorced without custody of children. We are not a support group for the infertile. We are not political. While not having children brings us together, discussing children and/or the reason we are not parents is not our focus.